Build My Community

One of the biggest emotional epidemics today is loneliness. People feeling that, no matter where they are in their journey of life, they are going at it alone. When in reality, you are not alone. You are only choosing to be alone. Thousands of people just like you are going through the same challenges you are. The difference between those who achieve the quality of life they want and those who don’t is CHOICE. In order to achieve the life you desire, you must make different choices. That is what the 25-Week Challenge is all about. One of the big choices you will make is who you hang out with in your journey.

We as humans are built for connection. We long for relationship. We long to walk beside others in our journey for accountability and encouragement. You cannot do it alone. So don’t. Network, connect and relate to others.
I want to encourage you to choose to not be alone. I frankly want to challenge you in your 25 Week Challenge to build your own community of 4 to 6 people who will do the challenge with you. If you are to maximize your success and achieve the quality of life you desire, I want you to commit to doing the following key action steps:

All Steps :-

Commit to the 25-Week Challenge Yourself and start your journey.


As you go through your journey, find 4 to 6 people you can connect with who would like to achieve a better quality of life themselves.


Commit to meeting on Zoom like video chats at least once a month to discuss the life lessons you are learning in your 25-week journey. Go out with your group socially and build a depth of friendship where you are encouraging each other in your journey and experiencing life making memories. Life is meant to be experienced… so experience it with a group of fun people.


Like the 25-Week Challenge Facebook page so you and your community of friends can view and discuss the short inspirational and life giving messages the 25-Week Challenge Founder,Tom Morrison, will post on a weekly basis. Discuss how they apply to you and what can you do to make change in your life to achieve the dreams you want.


Embrace the moment with your community as it builds. Remember… you only need 4 to 6 people surrounding you consistently to experience a fulfilled life or memories and joy.