Personal GDP

In any economy, the #1 measurements of the success of the economy is the Economic GDP. Just like an economy, every person has, what Tom Morrison calls, your Personal GDP. Your Personal GDP is your bi-weekly measurement of how you feel you are doing in 16-key elements and 4-areas that drive your quality of life. The question is…What is YOUR Personal GDP? If it’s a 6.7, do you want to only live a 6.7 life? Of course not. You want to live an 8.0 or better life. So why wait? Read on and subscribe to track your Personal GDP every 2-weeks so you can see where you need improvement, and ultimately living the qualify of life you want.

The first three areas that GDP stand for are:

  • Goals
  • Discipline
  • Persistence

The fourth area are intangibles you need to maximize your qualify of life.

The 16-key elements in these four areas are:


  • Overall Relationships (dating/family /friends/marriage /kids/)
  • Finances
  • Career Development
  • Personal Health


  • How well you manage your finances
  • Time management
  • People you surround yourself with
  • Choices you make


  • Ability to adapt to change
  • Communication Skills
  • Good Attitude
  • Perseverance


  • Physical abilities matching up to goals
  • Emotional abilities matching up to goals
  • Hunger for achieving goals
  • Belief in yourself

 And start living the qualify of life you have always wanted.